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Got this as a birthday present from my wife.  I didn’t think I needed it until I started using it with my ipad.  Now I won’t use my ipad without it.  My wife wants one for her birthday now, lol.

Dave M.

I really enjoy the Duo. It is so nice to use with a tablet. I have the larger Kindle Fire HD and this is perfect for that. It is also perfect for my cellphone…



Julie P.

We ordered them for the kids for home school. They work great along side a laptop. The cover is removable & washable! They are so good we ordered more.  We love the duo!

Tony Z.

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Most Comfortable Way to Work  

Read Hands-Free

The ultimate home office accessory – The DUO dual tablet stand with comfort memory foam! It makes Zoom

meetings, FaceTime calls, and working on your tablet or mobile device easy and totally hands-free!

This summer’s #1 must-have accessory. Click below to order your DUO today.